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Free yourself from the chains that prevent you from being happy


Welcome to Alma Libre!

If you don't know me, this young Soul you see here is me, Monica, although I am known as Moni. Those around me say that I spread joy and happiness. I define myself as the goat that trots through the field and comes to this life to have a good time.

Without being aware of it, my Soul has always led me to enjoy life, pour passion into everything I do and explore who I am.

If something characterises me, it's my capacity for resilience and taking action. When I realised it was a gift that not everyone has, I wanted to put it at the service of other women so they would have the opportunity to see life from where I see it.

My spiritual awakening turned my world upside down, and what did I do? Explore the world from that perspective!

A breakup, a good dose of emotional attachment, a small child and a new toy called Spirituality: the perfect recipe to discover my freedom!

That's why I created Free Soul - to help other women discover who they are beyond their fears and insecurities.

Take a look at what we do in this wonderful tribe!​

What the MEMBERSHIP includes


1 monthly live group session


Access to the Telegram tribe


Weekly exercises


Weekly oracle reading


Access to previous sessions

A Zoom session per month in which we work on a specific topic related to personal development, Spirituality and well-being.

Access to the tribe where you feel free and can express yourself as you are. A space free of judgment and criticism created as a network that sustain and support the life journeys of others.

Weekly exercises to work on the specific topic of the month.

Card reading to find out the group energy of the week. The message is announced through the Telegram group.

Access to all previous recordings in video format.

What FREE SOUL gives you

If you feel you need a space where you can BE


What we work at FREE SOUL

At Free Soul you evolve, you live and you enjoy life. Full stop.


The main goal is that you allow yourself to discover what makes you authentic and have enough courage to not let yourself be carried away by insecurities and bet on your freedom. Thanks to being a safe space, it's much easier for you to listen to and understand your intuition.

In short, Free Soul  helps you:

Explore your authenticity

Connect with a tribe like you

Free yourself from judgments, guilt and fears

See problems as life lessons

Re-connect with natural rhythms and the Moon

Reconnect with your menstrual cycles

Listen to your intuition

Experience life

Take action

It's for you if:

You wish to discover who you are and you are willing to live authentically.

You are looking for a space where you can be yourself beyond external conditions.

You would like to be part of a tribe committed to its Soul evolution.

You are willing to leave your comfort zone to know who you truly are.

Membership: Free Soul

Membresía Alma Libre



Every month


“For me, this membership has been a breath of fresh air in my life. A safe space where I can learn to know more about myself, where I can share my experiences without fear of judgment, where I can learn to vibrate as a Free Soul and tune into the energy of a group in the same harmony as you, where I can raise the vibration and the power of intuition.
All this complemented with the enthusiasm and special energy that Monica brings to everything. Without forgetting its weekly oracle reading that helps us self-discover and connect with who we really are.”
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