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Descubre lo que te hace especial
y empieza a vivir en autenticidad

Life is a journey

Think about it. Every day we move a bit forward, we travel a few more kilometers in this Journey of discoveries and evolution. Sometimes, as in any trip, we get lost. But, in that loss, we discover new landscapes, new paths that we would not have known if we had followed the known and direct road. 

And, in the same way that all roads lead to Rome, all highways redirect you to your Life Mission. So why do we get lost? How is it possible that all roads lead to the same destination and we don't take the direct one?

Now is when your Life Purpose comes into play. Those lessons you need to learn in life to become your best version will make you achieve the Mission of your Life. 


The important thing is to continue on your Journey and not to join others. Because, if you do, you will be living their Journey and not yours. Your Journey allows you to be the main character, to experience yourself in essence, being who you really are. By living other people's Journey you will miss your own, knowing how valuable and wonderful it is. 

Now let me ask you something: are you living your Journey or others'? Do you feel that you are lost on the road and cannot find a direction to follow? 

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, I'll guide you to remember who you are. 

Discover your journey

Below, I present you with the two options included in the 1x1 program Discover Your Journey.

In both options, weekly sessions are conducted via Zoom, lasting 1 hour each, and are fully customizable.


The key is to discover what makes you authentic and to live in accordance with your own freedom.


The tools I use in the sessions range from:


  • Reading your birth chart to deciphering aspects that may challenge your personal evolution or highlight your strengths and how to benefit from them

  • The menstrual wheel and its importance in connecting with intuition and making decisions based on your own authenticity

  • My own intuition and what the Divine needs to tell you through me

  • Oracles, guided meditations, high frequency music, shamanic music

  • Spiritual coaching


3 meses

  • 1 sesión semanal

  • 1 tirada de oráculo semanal

  • Meditaciones guiadas personalizadas


12 meses

  • 1 sesión semanal

  • 1 tirada de oráculo semanal

  • Meditaciones guiadas personalizadas

  • 4 círculos de sanación (1 cada 3 meses)


Every month


Every month

Like you, I also felt lost on my Journey. I felt that nothing filled me fully, that the routine trapped me and did not let me be myself, that the people around me did not understand me and nor did I.

During that time I became interested in personal development, astrology and spirituality. I learned a lot about myself and what we are capable of creating around us with our lights and shadows. I understood that internal work is essential to have the life we want and, from that moment, not a day goes by that I don't discover something new in my evolutionary Journey. 

I am of the opinion that we do not have problems but life lessons. I like to think that every situation that comes my way is an opportunity to evolve and become my best version. For this reason, I put all my skills and knowledge at your service so that you can benefit from this lifestyle too.

During these personal sessions you will have the opportunity to tell me where you are in your Journey, what challenges you face and how you face them, what patterns do you think are being repeated and why, what are your Signs and what do you think they mean.


From there, and in a totally personalised way, I will guide you on your Journey using various techniques such as the Birth Chart to show you your strengths and abilities and, thus, set a north to which to look. Understanding that Life is a Journey that we walk daily and prepares us to be the best version of ourselves. 


Are you ready to discover your Journey? 

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