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About me

My name is Mónica Fernández and I was born in Valencia on October 27, 1991. My passion for Africa dates back to my childhood and, although I have only set foot on the continent once, my connection to it is so strong that my soul screams its name. .


I am creative, cheerful and optimistic. My philosophy of life is based on everything happens for a reason and there are no problems, only life lessons. My emotions guide me and my intuition is always ready to help me if I listen to it. Astrology and spirituality have always been a part of me although it has not been until now when I have really felt the awakening.


As a good Scorpio, I am always in constant change and that allows me to empower other people from the root of their fears. My gift of the word, my young soul and my ability to raise the vibrations of those around me, make healing them part of my essence. I know that the best experiences are on the other side of fear and I am willing to live them no matter how much my comfort zone wants to convince me otherwise.

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